Hotel Transylvania


I finally watched it. And let me start by saying….. is was AWEESSOOMMEE

loved it.. My husband, who usually hates animated films, loved it aswell. It was light upbeat. Not a single boring moment. I can watch it all over again.

The father-daughter thing in the movie was quite typical. The dont understand each otherin the begining but at the end they do…. but I dont mind that, because every scene,  was quirky. All the characters were amazing. I fell in love with everyone of them.

I think i might just watch it again right now… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Hotel Transylvania

  1. i read this, and instantly got to the movie. thanks for the suggestion 🙂 and yes! i loved it as well. but, i have to say, i think i’m a little biased towards the supporting characters in the film more than the Mavis and Johnny. Drac, however, was AWESOME “blah, blah, blah” :p

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